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Always take a test shot to check your background setup, lighting, and crop. The final crop will vary, so ensure full face is captured in the highest possible resolution to show as much skin detail as possible.

Ensure framing and body position is consistent throughout the process. The position is to be in the center of the frame leaving a small amount of space on the top and bottom, so we can ensure room to crop in as needed during the editing stage.

After shots should be taken in the same position as the before shots. Look out for face positioning and posture as this can change the crop.


  • Use a clutter-free neutral background, good lighting is key
  • Shoot in a quiet room without distractions
  • Ensure skin is freshly cleaned
  • No makeup should be applied
  • Hair should be pulled back from the face (with a neutral-coloured headband or hair completely tied back)


3-5 images of each view (front, right side, left side of face) for each stage of your product experience:

  • Before using the products
  • After 28 days
  • After 56 days

2 testimonial videos:

  • A before video describing skin concerns and sharing your skin improvement goals
  • One after 56 days using Morphiya, commenting on any improvements and changes, how it addressed your skin improvement goals


Capture the front, right side, and left side of face. 3 to 5 options of each view to choose from during editing. Examples below. Stage each photo with neutral facial expressions. Example: neutral closed mouth with no teeth showing

Example of high resolution before and after image (area of concern detail - note these images are cropped, please leave room for cropping)

Example of high resolution before and after image (straight on – note these images are cropped, please leave room for cropping)

Example of high resolution before and after image (side of face - note these images are cropped, please leave room for cropping)


Please provide two testimonial videos:

  • One before video describing skin concerns, sharing your skin improvement goals
  • One on day 56 days commenting on any skin improvements and changes, how Morphiya addressed your skin goals and explaining how the improvements made you feel

Each clip should be 15-20 seconds in length and filmed in ‘portrait’ (see right), please smile and don’t’ be afraid to show emotion.

Examples videos:

- Example of skincare testimonial

- For filming inspiration



  • Utilize good lighting
  • Choose a neutral, clean, clutter-free background
  • Do check your lighting before recording your footage
  • Wear neutral or muted colours
  • Shoot in Horizontal (widescreen) format on a smartphone
  • Shoot in high resolution (4K at 24 fps)
  • If possible, utilize a tripod or sturdy stand to avoid camera shake
  • Position yourself in the centre of the frame leaving (space) above and both sides


  • No filters or effects
  • No revealing clothes
  • No patterns (stripes, dots, neon colors, etc) as they can be distracting and affect camera auto-focus
  • No branded clothing (Nike, etc)
  • Do not shoot through apps like IG or Snapchat etc...(they typically use filters and are captured at a lower resolution)
  • Do not worry about editing (we will edit the raw footage)