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Dr. Tunç Tiryaki


"My father always told me that the best thing you can do in life is to change something for the better."

Globally recognised for his work in surgical stem cell transplants to support wound healing and skin regeneration, Dr. Tiryaki, a world leading scientist, was recently named one of the UK’s best facelift surgeons by Tatler Magazine. He believes that when you look and feel healthier, the brain can actually behave younger, switching on regenerative mechanisms within the body and accelerating its ability to heal.

Dr. Tunç Tiryaki also co-founded the ISPEA-LEAP Disaster Relief Team who lead emergency rescue reconstructive surgery mission across the globe.

“One of the UK's top surgeons"

“Tunc believes treatments can slow down degeneration and maybe even reverse it.”

“Led by an A-team of doctors, and in partnership with the private Cadogan Clinic in Chelsea, west London, the London Regenerative Institute is set to change everything for cosmetic surgery in London.” 

“A world-renowned plastic surgeon.” 

“The launch of the LRI is a world-first concept and a huge milestone for patients wanting access to the very latest and most cutting-edge diagnostics and treatments for longevity.”

“A pioneer in facelift surgery and regarded as a world expert.”

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Dr Steven Cohen


Dr. Steven Cohen is a renowned innovator in aesthetic and regenerative facial surgery. He is celebrated for his groundbreaking inventions and surgical demonstrations. He is recognized for his future knowledge and has written over 170+ publications and co-authored a textbook on Regenerative Facial Surgery.

Dr. Cohen is also a distinguished Clinical Professor, recognized with multiple "Professor of the Year" awards during his more than 20-year tenure at the University of California, San Diego. He has been consistently named one of the top plastic surgeons in America by leading publications, including Newsweek. Driven by a passion for artistic expression, he is also an accomplished contemporary artist, showcasing his work in galleries internationally since 1984.

From pioneering techniques to educating the next generation of surgeons, he continues to shape and inspire the industry through his unwavering dedication to regenerative medicine and the science of longevity.

“Dr. Cohen is one of the top 20 facelift surgeons in the US.”