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The Longevity Revolution

A global collective intelligence of biotech scientists, surgeons, and longevity researchers have dedicated their lives to the study of physiology of aging. For more than two decades, their research motto was guided by the belief that the “Benjamin Button effect” could be more than a science fiction fantasy, and it would be possible to turn our internal clock inexorably backwards. 

Their deep understanding of the aging process and profound expertise in regenerative science led to the discovery of a smart, programmable, bioengineered regenerative technology that has the power to revolutionize the skincare industry by leap frogging the existing solutions. 

The result is not just a cream. It is the next frontier in skin science. Unlike traditional skincare methods, what truly sets Morphiya apart is its personalized biointelligent approach to addressing the underlying symptoms of ageing and skin damage with one groundbreaking formula

Morphiya harnesses the remarkable potential of exosomes, tiny cell-to-cell messengers, for transformative skin renewal. This innovative technology encapsulates exosomes within liposomal carriers, ensuring their targeted delivery to the deeper layers of the skin where they can effectively communicate with cells and stimulate regeneration. These supercharged exosomes are called Hybrosome™.

As we step into the future, Morphiya stands not just as a product but as a promise — a promise of a new dawn in the pursuit of longevity, where the aging process is not just halted but reversed, heralding an age where the dream of recapturing the vitality and resilience of youth becomes an attainable reality.

“Beyond simply adding years, we can improve the quality of life if we see things through the lens of longevity”. 

- Dr. Tunc Tiryaki, Morphiya Founder

The Pioneering Work Of the Morphiya Scientific Board


The London Regenerative Institute has conducted pioneering research into the use of stem cells from fat tissue to enable less invasive options for reconstructive procedures.


In 2017, London Regenerative Institute launched a new patented device to simplify stem cell treatments, now widely used by surgeons across the globe.


Morphiya's global collective intelligence has led advanced exosome research on extraction, isolation and hybridization process of exosomes for therapeutic wound healing and age reversing cellular regeneration. 


Morphiya's global collective intelligence uncovered that regeneration is not just due to the stem cell itself but to the messenger exosomes which are released by these cells.


Exosomes are microscopic cellular messengers that can penetrate through the skin barrier, cross cell membranes and impact the behavior of recipient cells.


Exomorphic Biotech™ encapsulates youthful exosome messengers within liposomal carriers, resulting in supercharged exosomes called Hybrosome™. They are smartly programmed to target disrupted cells and reset damaged cell behaviour. 


Hybrosome™ are deeply penetrating nano-carriers loaded with ingredient actives programmed to deliver biointelligent cell renewal resulting in an impactful reduction of the visible signs of aging.