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The London Regenerative Institute

Led by an A-team of doctors, and in partnership with the private Cadogan Clinic in Chelsea, west London, the new London Regenerative Institute at the Corinthia Hotel is changing cosmetic surgery in London. 

At LRI, the emphasis is on “regenerative” rather than cosmetic enhancements. Integrated medical services that optimise your health and longevity, offering bloodwork to determine genetic predispositions to certain diseases, food allergies and more — and then optimizing your health by making recommendations based on personalised programmes.

The institute isn’t just for those who want surgery. It’s also about repairing skin health and maintaining it — treating skin with your own cells. You can change how you age, you just need to have all the right information, and the aim at LRI is to keep ourselves healthy, internally, and externally, for as long as possible.

“Beyond simply adding years, we can improve the quality of life if we see things through the lens of Longevity.”