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Exomorphic Biotech

Exosomes are the body’s cellular messaging system that signal our cells to repair and rejuvenate tissue, reduce inflammation, or promote collagen production. Over time messages are disrupted and stop functioning. This is when we begin to see the visible signs of aging.  

Our patented Exomorphic Biotech™ encapsulates youthful exosome messengers within liposomal carriers called Hybrosome™. They are smartly programmed to target disrupted cells and reset damaged cell behaviour.

Hybrosome™ remove old and damaged messages, replacing them with young ones to re-balance to youthful cell behaviour.

The results are transformative. Hybrosome™ work tirelessly to rejuvenate your skin at a cellular level, promoting collagen production, improving elasticity, and reducing the visible signs of aging such as wrinkles and fine lines.


Exosomes are the body's cellular messaging system. Over time these messages are disrupted and skin health degrades.


Exomorphic Biotech™ uses encapsulated liposomal carriers to ensure targeted delivery to the deepest layers of skin where Hybrosome™ messengers effectively stimulate regeneration. 


Nano-carriers with targeted active ingredients deliver ongoing personalized, biointelligent results.

Demystifying the Ageing Process

Contrary to popular belief, the latest studies show that ageing is not due to wear and tear of tissues.

Exosomes send messages that program this cell behaviour.

Cell to cell communication plays a critical role in overall health, and when the messaging system falters it affects the ability for our cells to regenerate.

After the age of 35, exosomes program cells to age & deteriorate.

The harmony in our body’s cellular communication system changes as we age. A youthful system constructs, and an ageing system deconstructs.

By introducing new, youthful, supercharged exosomes (Hybrosome™), constructive and regenerative messages can be rebalanced.