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Cellular Renewal Set

Unlock the secret to youthful skin with Cellular Renewal Set.

This introductory bundle combines the regenerative power of Intensive Treatment and the anti-aging prowess of Concentrate to kickstart your journey towards visibly rejuvenated skin. Perfect for those new to biointelligent skincare, experience targeted action where your skin needs it most.


  • Concentrate (15 ml)
  • Intensive Treatment (15 ml)
    Cellular Renewal Set


    When should I start using Morphiya?

    Starting Morphiya before age 30 is an excellent proactive approach to skincare. At this age, your skin begins to experience subtle changes, making it the perfect time to introduce Morphiya’s advanced care. Our products are designed to adapt to your skin’s evolving needs, providing preventative care that addresses early signs of aging and maintains your skin’s natural vitality. Embracing Morphiya now can set a solid foundation for your skin’s long-term health and beauty.

    Do I need to use sunscreen with Morphiya during the day?

    Absolutely. Integrating a high SPF sunscreen into your daily regimen alongside Morphiya is essential. While Morphiya offers unparalleled care in nourishing and transforming your skin, it does not include SPF protection. To shield your skin from the sun’s harmful rays and maintain the integrity of your skincare achievements, applying sunscreen after Morphiya ensures a comprehensive approach to your skin’s health and beauty.

    How long will it take to see results?

    The timeline for seeing changes with Morphiya products can vary, as everyone’s skin responds uniquely to skincare treatments. Generally, users may begin to notice improvements within a few weeks of consistent use. Morphiya’s biointelligent formula works synergistically with your skin, optimizing its health and appearance over time. Noticeable improvements often emerge around the 4-week mark, with even more remarkable transformations observed at the 8-week milestone. Consistency is key, as continued usage ensures the sustained efficacy of our advanced formulations.

    How do I apply my discount code?

    Enter your discount code in your basket before proceeding to checkout, making sure the code is entered exactly as provided, with no extra spaces or characters. These offers apply to online purchases only and cannot be combined with any other offer, promotion, or special pricing agreement.

    How can I cancel my order?

    If you have changed your mind or placed an order by mistake, please email quoting your order reference number. Upon receiving your request, we will attempt to cancel your order before it is processed in our warehouse or retrieve the shipment if it is already in transit.

    The price seems a bit high.

    There is currently no treatment other than exosomes that teach cells how to be young again. Hybrosome™ Technology, which delivers exosomes deep into the skin with the elements that the cell needs while returning to youth, is unique. The result with Morphiya products will be the best result you can achieve with a non-invasive method, as proven by clinical studies. Thanks to the high efficacy of Morphiya, you will not need any other products such as anti-aging creams, serums, masks, or semi-invasive applications in your routine. Morphiya can reduce the need for hair transplantation and improve the results of the operation, making it “worth the money” rather than “expensive” in the long run.

    Which specific areas does Morphiya focus on?

    You can use it on your face, décolleté area, hands, and scalp. Morphiya harnesses Exomorphic Biotech™, integrating Hybrosome™ that precisely navigate to your skin’s most needy areas. This smart technology ensures Morphiya’s active ingredients are delivered right where your skin requires rejuvenation or repair, like targeting fine lines or dry patches with unmatched precision. It’s this intelligent, focused approach that allows for tailored, effective skincare, truly embodying the concept of biointelligent beauty solutions.

    How many weeks of use until I can expect to see results?

    Morphiya’s cutting-edge research shows that noticeable improvements often emerge around the 4-week mark. As we delve deeper into the 8-week milestone, our clinical data reveals even more remarkable transformations. Consistency is key, as continued usage ensures the sustained efficacy of our advanced formulations.

    Will this help with my super dry and flaky skin?

    Certainly! Morphiya harnesses the power of Exomorphic Biotech™, our patented biointelligent formula, to meticulously cater to your skin’s specific conditions, including severe dryness and flakiness. This advanced approach ensures that the care your skin receives is as unique as you are, promoting a visibly healthier and more radiant complexion. Dive into the Morphiya experience and witness the transformative power of personalized skincare.

    I use Concentrate, but my skin still feels tight after application. Should I continue to use my daily moisturizer over it?

    You may feel a slight tightness in the texture of your skin for a while. In that case, there is no harm in applying your usual moisturizer over it. Concentrate will bring your skin closer to its youthful appearance, and your skin will become more moisturized and supple after about 10 days of use. After 10 days, you will not need to use anything else; the feeling of tightness will disappear.

    My doctor recommended Morphiya products and said I don't need anything else. Can I still use my retinol and vitamin C serums with them?

    Morphiya’s Hybrosomes contain super-charged liposomes to provide a cell with the material it needs to renew the cell's youth software. No supplements are needed to achieve satisfactory results. However, Morphiya products are compatible with other skincare products.

    Does the effect wear off after I stop using Morphiya products? How long should I use it?

    Morphiya products can be used for as long as you like. If you choose a healthy lifestyle (quit smoking, drink enough water, watch your dietary intake, etc.) you will realize the passing time is kinder on your skin even after you stop using Morphiya. Morphiya products repair the cell's software, making it easier to return to youthful knowledge. When you stop using Morphiya products, your cells start to age again. For example; if you take back 5 years of aging with Morphiya (depending on the duration of use, lifestyle, and the initial state of your cells) the 5 years you gain will be an advantage for you–even if your cells start to age again (depending on your genetic structure, how you eat, your lifestyle, and the medications you use).