Unveiling the Power of Stem Cells in Skincare

Unveiling the Power of Stem Cells in Skincare

The pursuit of youthful and radiant skin has been a timeless endeavor for individuals across cultures and generations. In recent years, the advancements in biotechnology has brought a revolutionary approach to skincare — the integration of stem cells. Their transformative role in the skincare industry is undeniable.

What Are Stem Cells? 

Stem cells are basically types of cells that have the ability to develop into different types of cells in the body. Biotechnology can draw these cells from various locations in the body depending on the need and the purpose.

Types of stem cells are mostly counted as two; embryonic stem cells and adult stem cells that can be drawn from different parts of the human body. Embryonic stem cells are derived from the inside part of embryos in the blastocyst stage, which is basically the first couple of days after fertilization. Adult stem cells can be drawn from different sources like bone marrow (the one we’re most familiar with), skin and thanks to the recent biotechnology developments, now fat.

The extraction process from fat tissue is much more easy and it's rich with stem cells, ready to get on with their next job.

Behind The Science of Stem Cells in Skincare 

The history of stem cells in skincare goes back to the early 2000s when scientists began discovering the regenerative potential of these unique cells. The introduction of plant stem cells around 2008 marked an important milestone in the industry. As the decade unfolded, some skincare products boldly embraced human-derived stem cells, starting both curiosity and ethical discussions within the beauty industry.

In recent years, attention has shifted towards fat-derived stem cells found in fat tissue, starting a new conversation around main concerns like aging. Stem cells in skincare are utilized because of their regenerative nature, marking the foundation for the technology used for anti-aging products and reducing wrinkles, fine lines and discoloration.

Stem cell technology evolved into the discovery of exosomes which took the biotech scene to a next step.

Exosomes are bubbles that are released from the cells. Their main job is to make sure the cell to cell communication between both near and distant cells are done thoroughly. They act as messengers, having important missions like supporting tissue repair and rejuvenation.

Morphiya's Breakthrough: Hybrid Exosomes

The crucial discovery of exosomes started various important discussions throughout the biotechnology world; how can we use this technology for the greater good? Morphiya has made a breakthrough about the use of exosomes; hybrid exosomes.

A hybrid exosome is basically an exosome with a specific message given for the exosome to carry to a specific cell. If a hybrid exosome is going to be carrying a message to your hair for example, then using this tech, that exosome will carry important messages for your hair, like vitamins.

Morphiya uses Exomorphic Biotech™’s patented Hybrosome™ technology to create its innovative formula, offering its rich exosome treatment formula derived from stem cells. Morphiya targets your 5 signs of aging through the Exomorphs that can penetrate the skin barrier, making it easy to repair, rejuvenate and reduce inflammation. 

Real Results: Stem Cell Efficacy in Healing

Since this technology is quite new to the biotech world, some questions arise regarding its results. Clinical studies and trials of Morphiya showcase the power of exosome technology in skincare.


This third party clinical trial where Morphiya was used consistently through 56 days demonstrates the decrease of crow’s feet up to 80%.*


This third party clinical trial where Morphiya was used consistently through 56 days reduced fine lines and wrinkles up to 82%.**

This third party clinical trial where Morphiya was used consistently through 56 days demonstrates the improvement of radiance and tone up to 98%.***

Future of Skincare: Stem Cells and Beyond

Morphiya’s main philosophy is simple: external longevity. In an ever-evolving landscape of skincare, haircare and anti-aging, what drives Morphiya is our philosophy. We believe aging is a grace and we prioritize your skin health through this journey.

Revolving around this philosophy, Morphiya’s approach goes above and beyond a more traditional understanding of external longevity and brings a more forward thinking approach. Morphiya takes a more proactive and continuous stand; this is more than just battling with apparent aging indications, it's also about having a more sustainable look into aging.

We prioritize skincare with stem cells as a skin health journey, not just skincare. In a market saturated with quick-fix solutions, Morphiya’s philosophy lays the foundation of innovative skincare.

Stem cell technologies will continue to take their place in this industry, and Morphiya is here to form the very base for it.


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